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The Golden Goose
3pm ~ Friday, August 1st
Nine Mile Pavilion at the Trenton Town Park
8659 Fish Hatchery Rd, Barneveld




This free program is made possible by Member Support and these community minded sponsors


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Sunday, August 1 Unity Hall and the Barneveld Free Library  present Auburn’s REV Theatre in a performance of The Golden Goose.  The performance starts at 3pm at the Nine Mile Pavilion at the Trenton Town Park in Barneveld.  This special free outdoor children’s performance will also include an ice cream social immediately following the show.  The program is made possible thanks to generous support from Stewart’s Holiday Match Program.  The performance is free, but registration is required.  Visit for details.  All attendees are asked to wear masks.


“We are thrilled to be able to present our first live children’s performance since the pandemic started,” says Jan Corn head of Unity Hall’s Program Committee.  “This is the third time we’ve presented the REV Theatre (formerly the Merry-Go-Round Theater) in conjunction with The Barneveld Free Library.  It is a wonderful opportunity for young children to see live theatre. We thank Stewart’s Holiday Match Program for making this free performance possible.”


The REV Theatre’s Golden Goose performance follows young Hans, an inexperienced woodcutter trying to support his family. When Hans shows kindness to an injured old man in the woods, he is given the reward of a golden goose! Hans ventures into the kingdom in search of the old man to thank him. Along the way he meets several townspeople, who try to take away the goose, but become stuck to its golden feathers and nothing they try breaks them free. Meanwhile, a gloomy princess sits high in her castle. The king offers a huge reward to anyone who can make the princess laugh. Hans heads to the castle to see if he can get help with his sticky situation, and when the princess looks out her window to see what all the commotion is about, she can’t help but burst into a fit of laughter. Hans is given a huge reward and is able to help support his family. They all learn that kindness is a virtue not to be overlooked.


The REV Theatre is one of the largest professional touring companies for children in the United States. Based in Auburn, NY this troupe provides one of the preeminent theatre education programs in North America. The Unity Hall performance is part of their professional summer tour.


The performance of The Golden Goose will be held on Sunday, August 1 at 3pm at the Trenton Town Park, 8659 Fish Hatchery Road, Barneveld.  Admission is free, but reservations are necessary and can be made via the form above.  All attendees are asked to wear masks.


Check your e-mail the week of the event for important information about attending this event.