January 17,2020

As I understand it, when Unity Hall’s next musical guests were first rehearsing as a group and the subject of picking a band name came up, someone posed the question of how did their “group sound” impress each member.  Without hesitation, someone quickly offered, “Well, it’s better than bowling”, and a new star started to shine in the nighttime sky. 

Better Than Bowling.  Sez a lot (especially for bowling fans), but leaves a lot of room and points in many directions – and that suits this band to a T.  Eclectic repertoire, plenty of space for musical prowess, a fun (and funny) elective activity. But such prowess has to be mindful of how to hold and release the ball, how to send it down that center isle and then connect with enough force to highlight that wonderful multi-sensory smashing moment (makes me want to cross my legs).  Better Than Bowling comes to the Unity Hall stage on Friday, February 28 at the usual 8 o’clock showtime featuring a great electric guitar player, tight rhythm section, impressive shared vocals (you go, Sharon!), and the mellifluous pedal steel guitar of George Newton that sustains and carries the overall sound like a big safety net.  Van Morrison, Tom Petty, Crosby, Still, and Nash.  And wait a minute… did they just play Walk, Don’t Run by the Ventures?

As I write this, I’m captured by the similarity of these descriptions to what Unity Hall aims to deliver to its audiences on a regular basis.  Quality.  Playfulness.  Good company in the context of a like-minded cultural community (yes, rock n’ roll is a legitimate cultural event when it’s done well.  With winter winding down it’s time to open our calendars and once again mark the dates for Unity Hall’s upcoming concert calendar, to start the fancy footwork that makes for a cadence of fabulous weekends.

Here’s the skinny list:

Friday, February 28:  from Syracuse, NY – Better Than Bowling

Saturday, March 14:  from Woodstock, NY – Professor Louie and the Crowmatix

Saturday, April 11:  Unity Hall’s tribute to The Eagles and Jackson Browne (featuring Unity Hall’s Last Waltz Tribute Band, The Justice McBride Band, The Burns and Kristy Trio, and Two of Us)

Saturday, May 9:  from Ithaca, NY, the oh-so-fabulous Burns Sisters

If I don’t write these things down, I tend to forget, so take some notes.  And as always, in the spirit of the Hairy Coconut, expect the unexpected!

As always, more info about the bands, video previews and advance tickets are just a couple of clicks away at unityhall.com and facebook.com/HistoricUnityHall


Many Unity Hall programs are made possible with funds from the Decentralization Program,a re-grant program of the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature and administered by CNY Arts.

We were pleased and proud to  be recognized as one of the Best Venues for live music in the 2019 and 2020 SAMMY Awards. Our thanks to the Syracuse Area Music Awards board and all those that voted, and congratulations to the venues we share this distinction with.


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