a historic center for the arts in Barneveld, NY

Unity Hall

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Unity Hall Foundation Board of Directors

David Bagley – Recording Secretary, Legal Advisor

Carole Hameline – UHF Board VP, Rentals Manager

Bill Hinge - Director Emeritus              

Betsy Beil Mack - Unity Hall Foundation Treasurer

Sue Martin – Membership Coordinator

Ed Rosenburgh -  UHF Board President, Musical Bookings Manager

Jon Speich - Institutional Development (grant writing etc.)

Tom Starr – Board Consultant, Promotion

Jan Corn - Ways and Means

Rick Boxall - Events Coordinator

Becky Ferris - Unitarian Church Liaison

Vicki Kelly - Community Relations and Outreach

Unity Hall, 101 Vanderkamp Ave, PO Box 393, Barneveld NY 13304